If a paid package is already purchased and you want to downgrade it, follow the steps given below.

  • Go to https://www.enterice.com/ website.
  • Click on Login link located at the top of the website and login with your registered Email Address and Password.
  • Account Info page will be displayed where you can check the details of the currently paid package.
  • Click on the Change Plan link which will redirect you to the Plan Details page.
  • Select the package to downgrade. Example: If the current package is Chat Ultimate, then you can downgrade to Chat Premium.
  • You cannot change the No. of License while downgrading. So, the Number of Licenses will remain same, and the field is disabled.
  • Click on Add Product button.
  • Click on Proceed to Checkout button and the Billing Information page appears.
  • You can change the billing details and then click Continue to Checkout button.
  • Billing Information & Payment Details will appear and click ‘Change Plan’ button.
  • As you click, you will be able to see the downgraded package available in the Account Info tab.

Notes: If you downgrade the package without the completion of its expiry, you will not get a refund.