Helpdesk Process

This process outlines the service level and issue escalation policy for Enterprise ICE customers. ICE is committed to provide 24 x 7 x 365 support to its customers through their preferred channel of communication.Our Enterprise technical support representatives are available at all times through chat, email, support form and voice support.


In addition, each Enterprise client is assigned a dedicated Account Manager for providing any support, additional service requirement, customizable solutions and issue resolutions that are not resolved through our support system.


All ICE related issues are tracked within our ICE ticketing system and are assigned with a priority level (please refer to the Ticket Priority Status matrix) until resolved.

ICE Support Channels

The following table provides a brief description of various support channels through which a customer can report any issues related to ICE.

Support Channel

Access Information

ICE Chat Support

ICE Chat technical support representatives are available to assist customers 24x7x365 through our Enterice portal. This can be accessed through our website . Please click on the Live Chat option at the bottom right of the web page.

ICE Email Support

ICE Technical Support can be reached via email at

ICE Phone Support

ICE Technical Support can be reached at any time via below phone numbers:

Primary number:  936 559 2206

ICE Website

User can access support form by clicking on the support link at ICE website. User has to fill the support form on  to generate support ticket.

ICE Products

User can generate a support ticket at product console also; user has to click on the support link given at the top section of product console. User can fill the support form and generate ticket. This link will be visible only after login in the particular product account.

ICE Knowledgebase

The ICE knowledgebase provides technical support documentation for all our products and services and can be accessed through the Help link in the ICE admin console or by visiting For QEvalpro technical support documentation, please visit

ICE Service Communication Process

We strive to provide our customers a 99.99% uptime, however, to ensure our customers are provided with the latest security and feature updates, the ICE team performs regular maintenance and new releases from time to time. During these events, ICE team will send regular updates throughout the maintenance, upgrades or issue management process.


1 ICE Downtime Notifications


ICE clients will be provided with a complete interruption report within an hour of an internal confirmation of service interruption has occurred. The notification will be sent to the Emergency distribution list provided by the client. (Note: Emails will be sent to the emergency contact list for the clients that have been affected. We recommend establishing a single global email address for your organization)


If an ICE representative does not contact you in regards to a suspected service interruption, please contact ICE Technical Support with as much detail as possible. If you are unable to connect the ICE team through the phone support, we encourage you to contact us via the Chat or Email channel, or contact our technical support team via the ICE admin console.


If you are unable to reach the ICE Technical Support team in cases of suspected service interruption, please contact your Enterprise Account Manager, who will be kept updated as to the situation.


2. ICE Uptime Notification


An uptime notification will be sent to the Emergency distribution list once ICE services are restored. The ICE technical support team will ensure that an update on the issue is sent every 24 business hours until a root cause analysis, impact and resolution steps are completed.


3. Periodic Updates for ICE


ICE technical support will ensure that an update is sent out to the Emergency Contact distribution list on an hourly basis during times when ICE services are unavailable.


4. Scheduled Maintenance


The ICE team performs regular maintenance on the servers to ensure that we have required resources to provide best service to our customers. All scheduled maintenance communications will be sent to each customer’s emergency distribution list.

The ICE team provides at least 24 hours of notice to the customer in an event when maintenance is needed for ensuring service deliverables are met. For operational reasons, a shorter notice period may occasionally be necessary.


5. Emergency Maintenance


On rare occasions, ICE team may perform an emergency maintenance. During these times, we will strive to provide as much advance notice as possible. We will also ensure that such maintenance occurs during times that cause minimal business impact to customers.


6. Emergency Distribution List


During all ICE implementations, your dedicated Account Manager will maintain a list of Emergency Contacts for communicating service-related information, including but not limited to scheduled maintenance, product upgrades, uptime downtime notifications, and newsletters. It is an ICE customer’s responsibility to provide any updates to the Emergency Contacts by notifying ICE Technical support team of all changes. We strongly recommend providing one single global email address that includes all the required stakeholders for your account.


Technical Issue Ticketing Process

All technical issues either reported by ICE team or informed by a customer are entered within the ICE Helpdesk ticketing system. The ICE technical team assigns a priority level to each of these tickets and addresses the tickets based on their priority level. ICE technical team reserves the right to change the priority level due to technical or business reasons. Below is the priority level matrix for all ICE tickets.


Priority Scenario

Turnaround Time

Priority 1

• Total outage

• Software is down

• Operators cannot answer chat or emails

• Chat or email volume drastically dropped as compared to usual

• New Evaluation creation not working


Priority 2

• Agents can chat or email, but the system is slow

• Chats or emails are misrouted

• Primary features of the software are not working

• Email alert, Reports, Agent Review dispute, form creation/modification not working

1 Business day

Priority 3

• Secondary features are not working

• Intermittent issues that do not disrupt performance in interacting with the customers

• Intermittent issues that do not disrupt Evaluation and Review

3-4 Business day

Priority 4

• General inquiries regarding systems, operations, perceived defects, data content etc.

3-4 Business day

ICE Issue Escalation Process

Following is our escalation matrix, which shows the escalation hierarchy starting from ICE support team. Client can escalate the issue as per the hierarchy shown below.

ICE Technical Issue Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Following is the standard operating process of issue resolution



Step 1

After the ticket is generated and acknowledged, The ICE technical team assigns a priority level to each of these tickets and addresses the tickets based on their priority level. Priority levels are shown above.

Step 2

The first tier team (support team) handles the ticket if possible and if the issue cannot be resolved, then must immediately communicate to the Sr. Developers or Leads to resolve the issue.

Step 3

Senior developer or Leads have to provide a solution and fix, also proactively build a thought process to avoid any future occurrence. As soon as they are communicated they need to resolve the customer issues and communicate to the client and internally and monitor the performance to ensure the fix went through.

Step 4

QA team verifies the resolution done by the technical team and accordingly approves or rejects it. If QA team doesn’t approve, then issue will be sent again to development team. As the QA team approves, it will be sent to client for approval.

Step 5

After the client’s approval, ticket is resolved, provide an explanation of what caused the issue and fix to it.

Emergency Communication Process

If customer expectations are not met during any incident, the customer can exercise his/her right to ask, to escalate the issue in below escalation levels, as needed until resolution:

ICE Technical Support Team 
Office:  936 559 2206 

Ilesh Sisodiya
Assistant Director – Software Development 

Amit Kachhawa
AVP Corporate Strategy 

Gurudatt Medtia
Vice President – Etech India 

Jim Iyoob
Chief Customer Officer

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