Frequently asked questions


To register yourself follow the steps given below:

  • Go to the website.
  • Click on Login link at the top of the website.
  • A login screen will be displayed, click on Sign Up tab and provide the details like First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Website, Create Password and Confirm Password.
  • Select I accept Terms & Conditions checkbox and click Sign Up button.
  • You will receive a verification email at the email address provided for completing the sign-up process.
  • Click the link provided in the email for confirming the email address.
  • Message stating Congratulations, your account is verified successfully is displayed on the screen.
  • Thus, you become a registered customer now!

ICE offers a 30-day trial pack for free with all the features for the selected packages.

To get the trial version of ICE:

  • Go to website.
  • Click on Try it Free link located at the top of the website.
  • A Login screen appears. If you are a registered customer, sign in directly or sign up for registering yourself.
    If you are a registered customer, provide the login credentials and click on Sign In button.
  • Plan Details page appears where you can select the Chat Ultimate and Email Premium package product available for trial.
  • After selecting, click on Add Product. The product details will appear in the grid. After checking the details click Proceed to Checkout button.
  • Provide the billing information and click Activate Free Trial.
  • Now, you get the 30 days trial version of ICE.


Follow these steps to change your password:

  • Login with the given credentials.
  • Then click Change Password link located at the top of the screen.
  • Provide new password in the Password and Confirm Password fields respectively.
  • Click on Change Password button and a new password will be configured. Also, a confirmatory message Password changed successfully! Will be displayed on the screen.
  • If you have forgotten your password and you are unable to get access to your account then click on “Forgot your password?” link on the Sign In page.
  • Change Password pop-up window will appear, enter your registered email address and click Submit button.
  • You will receive instructions for creating a new password at the provided registered email address. The instructions will contain a link directing to Change Your Password pop-up window where you can change your password easily.
  • Once you change the password, you can start accessing your account with the newly created password.

No, you can create only one account for one email address. Multiple accounts with the same email address cannot be created.

Yes. You can purchase all products i.e. ICE Chat, ICE Email and QEval under the same login.


You can be benefitted with a discount on a yearly subscription.

If you have purchased a paid and want to upgrade it, follow the steps given below:

  • Go to website.
  • Click on Login link located at the top of the website and login with your registered Email Address and Password.
  • Account Info page will be displayed where you can check the details of the currently paid package.
  • Click on the Change Plan link which will redirect you to the Plan Details page.
  • Select the package to upgrade. Example: If the current package is Chat Premium, then you can upgrade to Chat Ultimate.
  • You cannot change the No. of License while upgrading. No. of Licenses will remain same and is a non-editable field.
  • Click on Add Product.
  • Click on Proceed to Checkout and the Billing Information page appears.
  • You can change the billing details and then click on Continue to Checkout button.
  • Account Info page will open and click on Make Payment button.
  • On clicking the button, you will be redirected to the payment gateway page.
  • Provide the payment details and complete the Payment Transaction.
  • Once the transaction is completed, you can see the upgraded package available in the Account Info tab.

Note: If you have already purchased the higher paid package as one of the Chat Ultimate or Email Ultimate, then the package can only be downgraded.

If a paid package is already purchased and you want to downgrade it, follow the steps given below.

  • Go to website.
  • Click on Login link located at the top of the website and login with your registered Email Address and Password.
  • Account Info page will be displayed where you can check the details of the currently paid package.
  • Click on the Change Plan link which will redirect you to the Plan Details page.
  • Select the package to downgrade. Example: If the current package is Chat Ultimate, then you can downgrade to Chat Premium.
  • You cannot change the No. of License while downgrading. So, the Number of Licenses will remain same, and the field is disabled.
  • Click on Add Product button.
  • Click on Proceed to Checkout button and the Billing Information page appears.
  • You can change the billing details and then click Continue to Checkout button.
  • Billing Information & Payment Details will appear and click ‘Change Plan’ button.
  • As you click, you will be able to see the downgraded package available in the Account Info tab.

Notes: If you downgrade the package without the completion of its expiry, you will not get a refund.

We support payments via a PayPal gateway.


ICE Chat & Email is a platform that provides an easy and effective way to engage visitors when they need assistance solving an issue. With ICE Chat & Email, agents can always guide your visitors to an adequate answer and assist them with anything that is needed. Visitors can initiate chat sessions or respond to chat invitations based on company- defined rules. ICE Chat & Email will help you and your organization resolve issues with higher productivity and boosts satisfaction. (Please refer the User Manual)

ICE Chat & Email does not have a limit when it comes to the number of buttons you can create.

Yes. A set of rules can be configured for different conditions that trigger invitations. A pop-up window appears on the visitor’s screen which prompts the visitor to chat with the operator. Invitation rules in ICE allow creating proactive chats.

ICE Chat & Email has what we call ‘Skillsets.’ Think of skillsets as groups of operators/Chat representatives. Operators can be part of one or more groups of skill sets. ICE allows your organization to separate/define who supports what.

Yes. ICE Chat & Email allows customers to choose from a variety of button styles and colors. Just go to the button’s dashboard and you will be able to customize your button.

We can do that too. Our ICE development team can take your request and customize a button that will meet your needs and specified requirements.

Of course! You have the flexibility of changing the chat window theme as well as the banner. It is a very simple process; you will just have to access the GUI editor to be able to change and customize your chat window as desired.

ICE offers offline surveys. These surveys are triggered when a visitor requests a chat after office hours. You have the option to email the survey information to a particular email address, or to store them into ICE.

(Secure Automation and Directed Remote Assistant).
Sandra offers an innovative way to allow custom and automated “assistance” to agents for more tedious aspects of chat sessions, increasing the number of chats they can handle and reducing the training required to present an Organization.

  • SANDRA allows sensitive information like credit card numbers, passwords and other personal information to bypass agents.
  • SANDRA assists agents with time-consuming chat task like collecting information from customers while in the chat process.
  • Customer Organizations can use SANDRA to capture real-time data from our systems and provide it to their backend systems. (CRM, Time Tracking, Billing and ERP integration)
  • Customer organizations can customize a predefined pattern to have their rules, logic and backend data included in a process, like ICE Chat.

ICE Chat & Emails offers several reports out of the box. From chat reporting to email reporting, ICE offers the kind of reports needed for your organization to be effectively managed. Our ICE team can also work with you to be able to create a report that meets your requirements.

Yes. The Administrator of the ICE account will be able to have full access to the user setup module.

ICE allows adding Offline messages, Greetings, Waiting messages, Chat processing messages and Welcome back messages displayed at the visitors chat window.

To add or edit messages, go to Admin Console > Profile > Chat > Campaigns.

  • Select a Campaign from the list on Campaign Administration page and Click on edit.
  • Select the skills to edit for the respective campaign.
  • Edit Skill page appears for the respective skill. Edit the messages for respective skills.
  • Save the changes.

ICE Package

To get Chat Enterprise package, you need to contact our sales team or click Get a Quote link. A form appears as you click Get a Quote and you need to submit the details. Our sales team will contact you soon!

There are three packages available for ICE Chat namely: Premium, Ultimate and Enterprise.

Check the link to view the details of plans.


As you register yourself on and subscribe a free or paid package of ICE, an email will be sent to your registered email address containing the link to login to ICE Admin Console. Click on the link or copy the link and paste it into the address bar of the browser. The login screen will appear where you need to enter the given credentials and start accessing ICE.

Once the ICE package is purchased, in registration email you will receive the Admin Credentials only. Hence, the first log into Admin Console and then create users with Supervisor and Operator roles respectively. Once the users with supervisor and operator roles are created, the users with respective roles need to login to ICE with their credentials.

No. ICE is a very simple and easy to install the product. All you need is an active account and a chat button that will need to be embedded into the customer’s website.

No need to install software. ICE is a web-based service.

ICE supports:

Browser Requirements:
Browser Support Browser Support (IE 10.0+, Firefox 11.0+, Chrome 18.0+, Opera 30.0+, Safari 6.0+ (MAC))

Browser & Device Support for Visitor Side Chat Window:
IE 8.0+, Firefox 30.0+, Chrome 30.0+, Opera 30.0+, Safari 7.0+ (MAC), iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile.


ICE is a secure and robust system. It is hosted on highly secured servers using Secure Socket Layer and Transport Layer Security protocols.

ICE is a secure and robust system. Aside from being PCI compliant, the ICE team takes advantage of SANDRA to assist and bypass the agent when there is a need to hide or collect sensitive information like credit card information and social security numbers.


There are two reasons, if you are not able to view chats on the Operator Console:

  • The status of Operator is set Not Available in the Operator Console.
  • Until any visitor on the website does not request a chat clicking on chat button or accept a chat invitation, chats will not be received and displayed on the Operator Console.

If you do not get answers to your questions in this FAQ list, you can refer to ICE help or email us your query at, and we shall get back to you soon!

The chat button might be disabled from the Admin Console, and you need to enable it to make it visible.

Chat button might not work if there is some problem with the node server chat button will not work. You need to contact the support team at

  • New Chat:
    Whenever a new chat is initiated on the ICE platform, the chat grid row will be of orange color and will blink. It will ring every 10 seconds until you click on the orange bar to accept the chat. Acceptance of the chat is manual to ensure that you know you are chatting with the customer. If you are engaged in a chat and new customer requests a chat, the chat indicator will be blue color and ring every 10 seconds until it is accepted by clicking on the chat grid bar.
  • If you have forgotten to click on chat grid row:
    If you have failed to click on the chat grid row to accept the chat and have accidentally disposed of the chat, the chat alert will continue ringing every 10 seconds. If this occurs, finish (complete chat) your current chat/s, log out of the system and then log back again. Please refer the screen below.

There can be two reasons for chat alert not ringing:

  • If there is some issue with the headphone or speaker, you might not be able to hear the ring of the chat alert. In this case, you need to check your headphone or speaker or volume settings of your system or check ring volume in the Profile section.
  • If a browser session is idle for a long time, the chat alert ringing function will become disabled. Hence, to prevent this, maximize and then minimize the browser window every 15 to 20 minutes. It will keep the session active and prevent disabling of the alerts. It is a behavior of the browser when kept idle for a long time and occurs randomly.

Yes. The supervisor can force log out any Agent or User if needed.

Follow the steps given below:

  • Enter the URL: in the address bar of the browser to access Single Log in Application (SLAPP).
  • Enter the Organization ID, Username, and Password, and click Login to access the Supervisor console.
  • Click on the Admin link button at the right corner in Supervisor Console; this will redirect to a new window displaying Admin Console.
  • Select User from the menu bar and a Users list are displayed. This list displays the Username, permission (Agent, Supervisor, and Admin), and the user’s current state.
    Check the current state of the selected Agent. If the Agent is logged in, it shows the current state of the selected agent as below.
  • Click to forcefully logout the selected user from Admin console.
  • Note: Add the user details in and click search icon beside the search box. Hitting Enter key does not give the search result.

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