Why am I not able to stop the chat ring?

  • New Chat:
    Whenever a new chat is initiated on the ICE platform, the chat grid row will be of orange color and will blink. It will ring every 10 seconds until you click on the orange bar to accept the chat. Acceptance of the chat is manual to ensure that you know you are chatting with the customer. If you are engaged in a chat and new customer requests a chat, the chat indicator will be blue color and ring every 10 seconds until it is accepted by clicking on the chat grid bar.
  • If you have forgotten to click on chat grid row:
    If you have failed to click on the chat grid row to accept the chat and have accidentally disposed of the chat, the chat alert will continue ringing every 10 seconds. If this occurs, finish (complete chat) your current chat/s, log out of the system and then log back again. Please refer the screen below.