Can Supervisor force log out any Operator/Agent from ICE Chat?

Yes. The supervisor can force log out any Agent or User if needed.

Follow the steps given below:

  • Enter the URL: in the address bar of the browser to access Single Log in Application (SLAPP).
  • Enter the Organization ID, Username, and Password, and click Login to access the Supervisor console.
  • Click on the Admin link button at the right corner in Supervisor Console; this will redirect to a new window displaying Admin Console.
  • Select User from the menu bar and a Users list are displayed. This list displays the Username, permission (Agent, Supervisor, and Admin), and the user’s current state.
    Check the current state of the selected Agent. If the Agent is logged in, it shows the current state of the selected agent as below.
  • Click to forcefully logout the selected user from Admin console.
  • Note: Add the user details in and click search icon beside the search box. Hitting Enter key does not give the search result.