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for Best Customer Experience

Deliver top-notch customer service with integrated AI-enabled Chatbot to scale your support, sales and marketing goals through actionable analytics, seamless integration, auto-distribution of chats, and email integration for an absolute omnichannel customer experience.

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Our Industrial Expertise

ICE Chatbot revolutionizes Customer Interactions and Sales across any Industrial Landscape.


The platform equips your agents with tools and information that would enable them to amplify your sales and deliver quality customer support.

On-Demand Conversations 24/7

Respond to website visitors or initiate chat with them on your own. The ICE AI Chatbot is available as a mobile and web application, allowing your team members to interact from any corner of the world!

Deeper Customer Insights

Unlock critical customer insights such as their location, past chat history, browsing behavior, and more to deliver a personalized experience. ICE Chat and ICE Email when integrated with each other provides all these insights on a single screen.

Actionable Analytics & Reports

The ICE AI Chatbot includes a suite of 30+ real-time informative and actionable reports & analytics through an intuitive dashboard, demonstrating key insights such as team performance, trends to prevent future issues and monitor customer satisfaction in a single click.

Automate Entire Support Workflow

With ICE Chat, your organization can design an automated support workflow to empower the chatbot to respond instantly to customers’ questions & automate relevant customer information gathering such as order no., invoice/customer ID and type of issue for your team member to start working on.

Advanced Survey Management

ICE Chat provides different types of pre-built surveys that can be utilized such as pre-chat surveys, exit surveys, operator surveys & offline surveys. With ICE Chat you have flexibility in customizing or creating your own survey forms, empowering you to direct your own survey management.

Conversion Tracking

Determine your total conversion rate with complete visibility using ICE AI Chatbot. With conversion tracking, you not only have the ability to determine the rate of conversion, but also the best performing team member and the best approach that results in sales!

The ICE Chatbot is simple to set up and customize to your needs

Here are the simple steps to follow to set up your very own ICE Chatbot:

  • 1
    Pre-Built Chatbot Agent

    Start using Pre-Built Chatbot Agent or Configure your own based on business requirements and expectations from AI Chatbot.

  • 2
    Train your AI Chatbot

    Add common customer questions and responses for quick resolutions to customers without manual intervention.

  • 3
    Chatbot Simulator

    Get your virtual agents ready by practicing with fresh responses and check their performance with Chatbot Simulator

  • 4
    API Integration

    Integrate your Website, Smartphone Apps, CRM, or Social Handles with ICE Chatbot and swiftly address Complex user concerns. Portal Applications, CRM, or any Social Media Handles.

  • 5
    Customize User Interface

    Make ICE Chatbot completely yours! Change the look and feel of your ICE AI Chatbot to fit your interface and business brand.

  • 6
    Go Live

    Go live on your Website, Smartphone, Portal Applications, or any Social Media Handles.

1. Pre-Built Chatbot Agent

Blend Automation and the Human Approach into your Customer Service and Sales.

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