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SANDRA (Secure Automation and Directed Remote Assistant)

A technological differentiator that meets highest
data security demands

Most of us can agree a quick engagement and efficient/effective response drives customer satisfaction (CSAT). Customers need to be provided the information needed when they need it. However, the exact same thing goes for the CSR. Customers are looking to receive a quick and efficient response to their inquiries and to know that if the interaction involves confidential information, that it is completely secure. CSRs need to be feed the proper information that allows them to engage a customer effectively, but a system should also provide the necessary tools that allow a CSR to meet the customers’ needs in the most efficient way possible.

SANDRA is an intermittent layer between the customer and CSR engagement. SANDRA guides the CSR during the interaction and provides necessary information that allows the CSR to not only assist the customer much more effectively, but by controlling all secure and confidential information, SANDRA can ensure there are absolutely no breaches in security or confidentiality. SANDRA intelligently represents a specific set of information captured during a chat session. Sensitive data such as credit card details, personal phone numbers, credit card processing, certifying information, validation data, in chat survey data and much more, can now be handled “behind the scenes” by the SANDRA AI while the CSR is effectively engaging the customer. The result is higher CSAT scores, lower handle times, completely secure transitions, and increased sales.

SANDRA can quickly help in processing information as it has been seamlessly integrated into our completely customizable CRM application “FLO”. Visitor website activity such as shopping cart behavior, past purchases, etc., can be captured, validated & verified through the available data and summaries which is provided to the CSR in real time. This allows for faster responses, more meaningful interactions, and efficient processing of transactional data.

An intelligent interface between customer & agent interactions

With SANDRA, you can:

  • Capture and process Credit Card Information without the Agent knowing any details.
  • Gather information and Save time for agents.
  • Capture Real time information by integrating with your back end systems.
  • Pre define rules and the flow of information to integrate with your systems.
  • Gather data with the help of In Chat surveys.
  • Get full proof data that is real and authentic.
  • Customize your own solution to capture any crucial information and process the same.

To know more about SANDRA and its real time solution, please write to us at: or fill Inquiry form with your details.

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