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    Solutions that helps to define unique model
    Define any process with charts and implement without “code”
    Highly re-usable and scalable to meet all your custom needs


Interactive Application with Integrated
Workflow and Process Management.

Dependency on the software applications for our day to day needs has been high and our work environment is almost incomplete without processes and systems in place. Speed is the need of the hour and everyone looks for quick solutions. Keeping this in mind, Etech Technology Solutions has designed FLO – a product that is highly re-usable and scalable to meet any kind of requirement. It is a software application that can be quickly customized to accommodate any requirement and changes to the application can be rolled out in hours instead of days.

Flo has been designed to navigate through the constantly changing processes in todays’ competitive world and helps you to quickly adapt to the changes to meet the customers’ expectations. It allows seamless integration to your existing systems and provides you with useful and practical information at your fingertips. It can operate stand-alone or in concert with other applications.

Flo is a process driven product where you can define the visual process model and the tasks can be associated with the defined Workflow. It can be used as a strategic tool for gathering information. It can be your CRM.

No more multi level processing, no more complicated structures, no more intermediary data transfer…now you can have all information on one platform to be accessed anywhere anytime.

Smarter workflow, easy implementation and simplified interactions

Benefits of Flo:

  • Define and Update workflow instantly.
  • Collect data electronically at the source of customer engagement.
  • Re-usable code can be used in multiple applications.
  • Single point of entry for multiple applications.
  • Reduce your software development and maintenance cost.
  • Independent standalone application.
  • Seamless integration to the other applications and process alignments.

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