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Features differentiate products and define its uniqueness. Features helps to communicate the product outlines and its capabilities. Etech Technology Solutions, ETS, develops each of its product features distinctively to include various functionalities needed for the operational efficiencies. Our product features are designed with the purpose to bring in benefits complementing and supporting your existing systems for your daily processes.

At ETS, we believe in identifying the solution for your problems. A product’s success is based on its apt utilization. With our products, Chat, Email, Flo and QEval, we will always deliver a solution to satisfy your needs making it easy to understand “what is in it for you”.


FLO Features

  • Visual Workflows
  • Custom Forms
  • Easy Prototyping
  • UI Layer that can be Remotely Controlled
  • Task Oriented Framework
  • Multi User
  • Business Logic Services
  • Menu Specific to Workspace Features
  • Tool for Internal Network Chat
  • Secure Logout