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    More customer acquisition through customer engagement, made possible
    Connect intelligently to your website visitors with ICE Chat
    Proactive chat ensures higher sales opportunities

Click to Chat

The higher the customer engagements,
the higher the sales conversion and customer experience score….

With the invasion of the internet increasing into our daily lives and the growing patterns in customers’ behavior, to make quick decisions with the help of online information, prompt communication has become vital and essential to a successful business.

Looking into the demands and continuously evolving needs of the ever changing business models with different verticals of the industry, Etech Technology Solution designed Integrated Customer Engagement (ICE) Chat. This solution has been designed intelligently to encompass the needs of the today’s challenges that can help organizations to grow their businesses and also, meet their customer’s demands. If you are looking for a solution that helps communicate with your website’s visitors with instant and quick interaction, any day, anytime, ICE click to chat software is an ideal solution.

ICE Chat is a feature filled solution to meet the standard needs covering all the operational aspects while having a rich web based GUI to make it an enriching experience for the website visitors and the operators.

The solution has some of the unique capabilities with high end detailed Reporting and available Data Analytics. When it comes to strategic decision making, right information is the key and ICE click to chat drill down Reports and the Data that helps in you in your decision making process.


Strategize your decisions with the right ICE chat solution

ICE Chat comes with some of the distinct and unique features and tools:

  • Screen Sharing

SANDRA (Secure Automation and Directed Remote Assistant)

secure automation and directed remote assistant

SANDRA is an innovative intermediary tool, like an artificial intelligence, an interface between customer and the agent that acts as an automated assistance during the chat sessions. This solution has been designed to complement the chat interactions for more secured interactions. It helps to handle more tedious and complicated aspects of a chat session and makes the experience hassle free on both the ends.

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